6 May 2011

"Study Mix (Calculus)" Cocktail

Special Cocktail for Calculus

This is my very own cocktail mix especially for study.. and suprisingly it is quite delicious...

The Recipe
Mix ratio is 6:4
60% root beer + 40% isotonic drink..
Then, just stir it...

Song Mix

 Suprisingly the mix incoincidence related to my own study (calculus) problems...

  1. Big Bang - Lie (if the answer at the back is wrong [maybe typo])
  2. G-Dragon - Heartbreaker (if i cannot answer the question for more than an hour)
  3. 2am - I did Wrong (if my answers is wrong)
  4. 2am - What Should I Do (if i dont know how to solve the damn equation)
  5. T-ara - Like The First time (when first time study differentiation + integration)
  6. Big Bang - My Heaven (if i manage to get the correct answers...)
  7. Big Bang - Fool (if i cant answer it correctly)
  8. Big Bang - Haru-Haru [Day by Day] (calculus need constant practice)
  9. Big Bang - Tonight (stayed up late again coz of calculus)

P/S : skrang dh 2.30 pagi... post nih sje tulis dlm english supaya x berkarat....

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